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新冠肺炎、甲型流感及乙型流感 3易1快速自我檢測試劑

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COVID-19 /influenza A virus / influenza B virus Antigen test kit (colloidal gold)This kit is used for in vitro qualitative detection of COVID-19/influenza A virus/influenza Bvirus antigens in human throat swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva samples.It is used for auxiliary diagnosis of COVID-19/influenza A virus/influenza Bvirus infection.


Components   配件

1. Test station   測試板 X1
2.   Sterile swab   無菌拭子 X1
3. Paper funnel   紙漏斗 X1 
4. Collection tube   收集管 X1
5. Extraction buffer   萃取緩衝液 X1 
6.  Instruction   說明書 X1


使用方法: (三選一)
Sample preparation   預備方法
1.   Open the box. 打開盒子
2.   Take out all of the components. 將所有配件取出
3.   Push the hole on the box. 按壓盒子上的2 個洞口
4.    Add 400 μ L(15 drops) of extraction buffer to the collection tube.   加入400 μ L (15滴) 緩衝液到收集管中並放置在洞口內

A Throat swab   口腔拭子採樣方法:
1.   Tilt head slightly upward and open mouth wide and make a sound of “ ah” and Insert the sterile swab.   頭部稍微向上傾斜,張開嘴巴,發出“啊”的聲音後,插入無菌拭子,
2.   Wipe both pharyngeal tonsils back and forth for at least 3 times, then wipe the posterior pharyngeal wall up and down for at least 3 times.   來回磨擦兩個咽扁桃體至少3次,然後上下磨擦咽後壁至少3次,
3.   Dip the swab head into the extraction solution and drop the sample into test station.   將已取樣拭子頭浸入萃取管中的萃取溶液中,然後滴在測試板上即可。

B Nasal swab   鼻腔咽拭子採樣方法:
1.    Tilt head slightly upward and Insert the sterile swab into the nostril.   頭部稍微向上傾斜,將無菌拭子插入鼻孔,
2.    slowly go deep along the bottomof the lower nasal passage and rotate it for one round, then slowly remove the swab. 然後沿下鼻腔底部緩慢深入,將其旋轉一圈,然後慢慢取出拭子,
3.    Dip the swab head into the extraction solution and drop the sample into test station.   將已取樣拭子頭浸入萃取管中的萃取溶液中,然後滴在測試板上即可。

C   Saliva collection 唾液採樣方法:
–    深喉唾液取樣方法: Rinse mouth to clean intraoral foreign body 30 minutes before collection. Do NOT eat, drink, smoke or chew gum within 30 minutes before collection.   收集前30分鐘沖洗口腔清潔口腔內異物及請勿吃,喝,抽煙或嚼口香糖。
–    To collect sample from respiratory tract, it is recommended to vomit saliva from the throat.   要從呼吸道收集樣本,建議從喉嚨吐出唾液。以及為確保樣本有效。)
1.   Squeeze the three blue positions to form a funnel shape.   用力擠壓紙漏斗上的三個藍色位置續而形成漏斗形狀,
2.   Collect saliva until the sample level reaches the line. Make sure to measure fluid level rather than foam.(Note: If the saliva is sticky and hard to flow into the tube, shake the tube-gently.)   收集唾液並達到測試水平線上,
3.   Unscrew the funnel and tighten-tube cover.   移離單次使用漏斗並蓋緊收集管。

1.     Open along the tear opening of the aluminum foil bag, take out the test card and lay it flat. 打開鋁袋,拿出測試板,
2.     Add 80 μ L (about 3-4 drops) of treated sample extract into the sample adding hole of test card or directly add 80 μ l treated virus sample solution.   加入3-4 滴 的A/B/C採樣方式的樣本到測試板的樣本收集孔內,
3.     15-20 minutes of interpretation results, more than 20 minutes of interpretation is invalid.   等待15-20分鐘, 待顯示結果,如果超過20分鐘,則無效。

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