2021 LED 2PC 摩托車裝飾燈汽車車輪輪胎輪胎氣門桿 LED 燈帽蓋配件頂部

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wheel light designed for bike, car and motocycle

More energy-efficient,with light & motion sensors

Durable, High Impact, Rust Resistant.

Auto shining with no switch, 100% waterproof. LED auto turn on when moving

Product contains batteries.

Installation precautions and solutions to common problems:

1: The air fire wheel is made of three ag10 batteries (self-contained). When installing, please correctly align the positive and negative poles, and the wordless end faces the spring

2: Be sure to put the battery in the black insulating leather cover inside, do not expose it, otherwise the short circuit between the battery and the metal of the lamp shell will cause the battery to discharge and heat, and the battery will run out of power in a few minutes.

3: Be careful when screwing the lamp head. Make sure that the metal strip in the notch on the edge of the lamp head is in good contact with the metal base (for example, if the metal is too close to the inside, you can manually pull it out a little, but it must be light!)

4: If the air fire wheel does not light up under normal conditions, adjust the length of the spring to ensure full contact with the battery (do not use too much force, it is easy to cause the spring to fall off), or it will not light up. Operation step 3


4 Different Colors for your choice

Light Color: Blue,Red,Green,Colorful

Package Included:

2*wheel light

Additional information


Ice Blue, Army Green, Dark Grey, Lavender

Ships From

China, United States, France




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